Counselling Services

Family Counselling Centre

Family Counselling Centre is a Christ-based agency that provides a variety of professional counseling, support, prevention, and coordination services for the communities of Central Trinidad.

Dealing with life’s challenges

Encouraging and helping people to face their fears and increase their faith, challenge themselves to be all that God has called them to be.

Supporting Children and Families

Support through the intense everyday struggles of Parenting, Peer Pressure, developing Self-Esteem, and Self Worth.

Ending the cycle of violence

Professional help, to overcome the damage of an abusive relationship, guidance to get out, and premarital and marriage counseling to help build and safeguard healthy relationships.

Assisting people with special needs

Helping people to connect with programs and services governmental and otherwise for the sick, elderly, differently-abled, and displaced of the community.

Personality Test

Here is a simple personality test that can help to identify your dominant traits. don’t over think the answers just put your first thought or impression. Click on the link (Know yourself) in red. 

Answer the questions using 1 for true and 0 for false.

How would you describe yourself. Try this test and see what type of personality traits you have.

Great Stewardship and Mental Health both require the evaluation and ordering of our priorities. Have you set your right. try this exercise, click on the word in red and download the Test.